Celebrating Christmas Together

  • celebrating-christmas-together
  • December 20, 2022

To mark the holiday season, Mersaco held a Christmas Gathering for all its employees at the Movenpick Hotel Beirut, on December 20th.


Dr. Walid Mroueh, Chief Executive Officer at Mersaco, was delighted to thank and appreciate Mersaco employees for their considerate and consistent efforts, hard work, and dedication on being committed to build an esteemed, agile, and evolving Pharmaceutical distributor and company.


To proceed, the gathering held fun and interesting discussions among the employees as well as engaging activities.


Indeed, it was a joyful opportunity for departments and managements to connect and create lifetime memories as one company.


During the ceremony, Mersaco took the opportunity to recognize the employees, particularly those with 25 years of service and the retirees.

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