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Pharma distributor in the Middle East

The first to launch the A-Frame Pick & Pack automation system
Ensuring Lebanon's total territory coverage
Covering 11,000 sqm
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  • Mersaco
  • Leading healthcare distributor since 1959

    At Mersaco, care has always been at the root of our existence.


    As one of the leading healthcare distributor in Lebanon, we deliver pharmaceutical and cosmetic products to pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare institutions since 1959.


    Our commitment to excellence and innovation, combined with unparalleled proficiency and ethical standards, has led the way to partnerships with multinational healthcare companies to better serve our community.


    As a pharmaceutical distributor, we are dedicated to go beyond care to establish enduring connections with our partners and customers.



Throughout the years, we have been a trusted pharmaceutical distribution company in Lebanon working with multinational organizations to acquire an extensive range of products manufactured by:
  • abbott
  • allergan
  • advanz
  • amgen
  • astellas
  • biogen
  • boehringer-ingelheim
  • diater
  • ferrer
  • f.trenka
  • janssen
  • menarini
  • mundipharma
  • novo-nordisk
  • newbridge
  • nutraveris
  • pierre-fabre
  • sanofi
  • stada
  • surveal
  • tabuk
  • vector-pharma
  • Are you a pharmacy?
    • Are you a pharmacy?

      As a pharma distributor, our dedication and excellence ensure that we consistently offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including the latest advancements in the field.


      By aligning with us; as a community and specialty pharmacy distributor, your pharmacy will gain access to a diverse, high-quality portfolio of products, enabling you to meet the needs of your customers and provide solutions for various health concerns.


      Our distribution centers meet the Good Lebanese and International standards for storage and distribution guidelines, as well as implement all recommendations issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. Moreover, as a pharma products distributor, we take proactive steps to ensure safety and compliance through robust pharmacovigilance and regulatory management systems.

Are you a healthcare institution?

Our extensive experience and established reputation in the industry for more than 60 years, reflect our commitment to reliability and quality. Being a pharma company in Lebanon, we focus on maintaining the highest levels of integrity and ethics in every aspect of our operations.



As a pharmaceutical company in Lebanon we collaborate with the multinational healthcare companies to provide a vast and diverse range of products and resources. These partnerships not only expand the reach of our services but also enhance our ability to cater to the unique requirements of different healthcare institutions.


We pride ourselves on maintaining a continuous operation as a pharma product distributor with a well-structured network, using the latest technologies with the A-Frame pick and pack automation system to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of products to our customers.



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