Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Prevention Saves

  • breast-cancer-awareness-month:-prevention-saves
  • October 13, 2022

To raise awareness among its employees, Mersaco organized a breast cancer awareness lecture on October 12th at the Smallville Hotel presented by Dr. Hadi Ghanem, Associate Professor of Hematology Oncology at LAUMC-Rizk Hospital.


The key takeaway to know about breast cancer disease is that a simple routine screening can identify it in its early stages:


Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women worldwide, affecting 2.1 million women annually. Lebanon has a high breast cancer incidence, accounting for almost 37% of cancer cases in females and 20% of all cancer cases.


All women with no personal or family history of breast cancer should obtain a mammography every year starting at 40 years of age. Women with a personal or family history of genetic breast cancer should start their annual screening 10 years earlier than the age of onset of the first case in the family. 


Routine self-examination is something to put into practice, teaching your families and friends. Sharing any doubts about any breast changes with your doctor who can facilitate simple checkup measures: mammography, ultrasound, or MRI to assess early individual cases is a most.


Let’s know it, let’s prevent it, let’s face it, let’s cure it. 


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