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Mersaco and Sanofi's SEHA Program Present Hypertension and Diabetes Management Lecture

  • mersaco-and-sanofi's-seha-program-present-hypertension-and-diabetes-management-lecture
  • September 21, 2023

Mersaco, Sanofi Promoter in Lebanon, in partnership with SEHA Program, (Sanofi Educational Healthcare Academy) conducted a combined lecture on “Hypertension Management” and “Type 2 Diabetes Overview; Guidelines and Diabetes Management” presented by Dr. Tony Abdel Massih and Dr. Carole Riachi Saade respectively, on Thursday, September 21st, 2023 at OPL Auditorium.


This collaboration between Mersaco, and Sanofi -SEHA Program aims to highlight the dedication promised to advancing Healthcare education on cardiovascular cardiometabolic disease management, as well as  emphasizes the crucial role of the Pharmacist as a front liner in the Lebanese patient journey, and provides non-biased medical information about the disease, the treatment options, and drug usage, and finally raises awareness on the risks and dangers associated with suspected medicines.


This lecture, has achieved remarkable success with more than 200 engaged pharmacists and tackled 2 cardiovascular diseases, Hypertension and Diabetes, in terms of treatment updates and patient management care from Pharmacist perspective.


Dr Tony Abdel Massih. Professor of Cardiology and Heart Failure Unit Director at Hotel Dieu de France, and chairman of the Heart Failure working group at the Lebanese Society of Cardiology, highlighted the primary function of pharmacists in the management of hypertension, emphasizing their significant role in educating patients about the root cause of hypertension and the risk factors associated with uncontrolled blood pressure. Furthermore, he emphasized on the pharmacist's ability to encourage patients to adhere to their antihypertensive medication treatment in a timely manner. He focused on the reasons behind the uncontrolled blood pressure in Lebanon.


Dr Carole Riachi. Endocrinologist and Metabolic Syndrome Specialist at Hotel Dieu de France, conducted a thorough review of the diagnosis and management of Diabetes, specifically focusing on the methods for controlling HbA1c levels in accordance with the established guidelines. She provided a detailed analysis of the pros and cons associated with various treatment alternatives, encompassing factors such as effectiveness and safety considerations. Dr. Riachi emphasized the essential role that pharmacists play in the management of diabetes, and highlighted the importance of proper storage conditions within the pharmacy for diabetic medicine, with extreme sensitivity to temperature fluctuations ultimately impacting its stability.


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