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Pierre Fabre Strong at Roots Convention: Celebrated Heritage, Innovation, and Dermatology

  • pierre-fabre-strong-at-roots-convention:-celebrated-heritage,-innovation,-and-dermatology
  • September 04, 2023

Pierre Fabre, the distinguished French laboratory with a rich history in pharmaceuticals and dermatology, proudly held the "Strong at Roots" Convention. This groundbreaking event took place on Monday, September 4, 2023, at the iconic Nicolas Sursock Museum in Beirut, Lebanon. The convention brought together esteemed dermatologists from Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai to explore cutting-edge advancements in the field.


The "Strong at Roots'' Convention was a testament to Pierre Fabre's deep-rooted commitment to dermatology and skin care heritage. It served as a platform for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration among leading dermatologists in the Middle East.


In the presence of the French board, represented by Mr. Giuseppe Mele, Head of International Pierre Fabre; Mr. Vincent Huraux, Global Director of Operations; Mr. Pierre Benham, Director of Africa, Middle East, and Turkey; and Mersaco’s CEO Dr. Walid Mroueh, Mr. Naim Hanna, General Manager of Pierre Fabre Middle East.


Mr. Hanna stated: “Nurturing strong roots in dermatology, Pierre Fabre is thrilled to host this convention at the prestigious Sursock Museum”. He added: “Patient-centricity is of paramount importance to Pierre Fabre as “taking care - living better” is our mission to enhance the well-being and healthcare experience of every patient we serve.'’


During the event, Mr. Ayman AlBarbary, Digital Marketing Trainer discussed "Bridging the Omnichannel Gap in the Patient Journey," while Dr. Samar Khalil, a distinguished Dermatologist, introduced the innovative "New Approach to Stop Cellular Senescence." The convention also featured insights from Dr. Zeina Tannous addressing "UV Radiation," and Dr. Salah Al Rubaie provided valuable updates on "Chronic Hair Fall."


With an unwavering commitment to research and development, Pierre Fabre promises an exciting future with revolutionary products that will redefine the Dermo-cosmetic industry.

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